What is MIKA?

Mika is an independent group of college students. The working force of the club is mainly the students guided by faculty of college. The main purpose of such a group is to explore materials which are eco-friendly and identify various ways to use them in basic construction.

How did we start MIKA?

The basic idea was derived by taking further the regular academics taught in workshop. Taking further involved using materials in a different way by mixing and experimenting with them. The club is active in extra hours after college time. The work done includes preparing material to designing a product. There are continues experiments with different materials that include mud, paper macche and terracotta. we also explore materials like cement, marble dust, C4X. The club has already finished many projects which include sculpture(c4x), column(terracotta plates), paper machhe tiles, etc. Also we organise workshops collaborating with professionals in different fields. The workshop has helped community in vastral area of Ahmedabad. The idea was to make the leprosy affected people independent and skill full enough to make their lifestyle better. It’s a continuous process for students to get exposure and explore their skills by working outside the curriculum.