It is our firm belief that in this new emerging knowledge based economy, only value based scientific knowledge can convert various challenges into opportunities for growth and holistic development of an individual.

Late Pravinbhai Maniar,
(Adarniya kaka)
Chairman,VVP Trust.

Our vision is to make our school not only best in Saurashtra and Gujarat but one of the best institutes in the world. The trust also wishes that each student should be the best at whatever he/she is doing and gets success with flying colours. A student with holistic mind and approach and with strong value based foundation will be able to fly like a bird in the sky, swim like a fish in the water and will walk on the earth like a man with capital “M”. Our students will never be selfish. No doubt that he will work for the betterment of himself but also for the betterment of society, Motherland and for the universe. And to make all these possible trust will provide best infrastructure, equipments, facilities and best faculties. With grace of god and efforts of our all the school and the students will go ahead……ahead and ahead.“BHARATMATA KI JAY”

Late Shri Indubhai Parekh

Late Shri Kirit Kamdar