The VVP trust has a 35-acre campus on Kalawad Road, about 5 kms outside Rajkot, with many facilities for its various disciplines. The main engineering building was awarded the Architect of the year Award in 2001.The School of Architecture functions from its own exclusive campus within the larger area. There are regular and frequent connections to the city, at all times.


The school has large well-lit and well-ventilated studios with a separate lecture space for instruction.

The Material Museum at IPSA aims to promote knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the role of building material in design thinking. The Museum is concerned with the preserving, collecting, exhibiting and fostering understanding of building material at the highest.

The school maintains a large and comprehensive material collection in its campus, where the students can explore, be inspired and gain in-depth knowledge of material characteristics and construction techniques. The collection strives to the reflective of current building and design market and has particular focus on traditional, local, Innovative and emerging materials.

A constantly growing Library has a rich collection of books and we subscribe journals and periodicals to strengthen the knowledge base.

A full-fledged Computer room with ample and up-to-date computers with scanning, writing and printing facilities.

The Schools share many Workshops and material testing Laboratories with its neighboring engineering campus fostering good bi-lateral relations.
A hygienic Canteen serving snacks and meals during all working hours and special occasions.
The School has organized Hostel facilities for students in the city and near the campus, with own rules of conduct and discipline.