what our alumni students say


"Studying at IPSA, Rajkot were by far the most cherished years I went through. I can’t recollect a single day when there was nothing to look forward to. Studying at IPSA was probably the most satisfying and special, apart from my mentors, who made it more special. The diversity amongst the teaching staff was amazing, and everyone had a quality from which you pick up that turn you into a complete individual. Studying at IPSA is an experience like no other."

Hiten Kakadiya2000 Batch

"IPSA was a great training ground for the rough and tumble of the architectural world. My experience there taught me to appreciate diversity of the field, be results focused and practical in approach, laying a good foundation for my career. I especially appreciated the professors who encouraged me to pursue the field of cultural heritage as a field even though it wasn’t so well known then, instilling confidence and teaching me to trust my instincts. Apart from the academics, I ended up making friends for life with my batchmates and juniors, which is an inherent “culture” at IPSA."

Rajdeep Routh2000 Batch

Facilitating students freehand perspective, drawings, three-dimensional visualization and exploration of basic material are the core subjects of my academic career.
It is a great honour for me when students remember me even after their academic life.

irfan u tabanidesign head: if the art cafe